The Endless Circle

Cover 'The Endless Circle'Life in a quiet village affords few opportunities for Banac to fulfil his dream of becoming a hero, so when his father is taken captive Banac seizes the opportunity and sets out to rescue him. However, as he and his brother Balor journey towards the legendary city of Padascel things start to go wrong, and they are faced by the reality of what being a hero really means.

They must make a choice: do they keep their innocence and continue believing in stories, or leave their childhood behind and do what is necessary to save the life of someone they love? As they draw nearer to the gates of Padascel the line between good and evil blurs, and Banac is forced into the most terrifying dilemma of all: kill, or be killed?

Read the first 5 chapters FREE (PDF).

Download complete title for Amazon Kindle – £1.96 / $3.08

Order Part 1: The Holy Place from – £6.99 / $11.25 (+P&P) – (paperback, 248 pages)

Order Part 2: Seat of Kings from – Coming Soon


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