'The Christmas Cat' Cover

I wrote ‘The Christmas Cat’ around the Christmas of 2010, as a serial for my two nephews, writing a chapter a day and reading it to them in the evening. They had specifically requested that I write a book featuring them as the main characters, and it was fun reading them a chapter then taking requests for what should happen next.

The result is very much an episodic book, without much substance to it, but it’s good fun (and even more fun if you’re familiar with the setting).

I have a teacher friend who reads this book to his class every year, and I even got some pictures the kids drew of the main characters, which was great! I’ve had a sequel in the works for about as long as this book has been around, but now I have my own kids I’m thinking I might write it about them instead. Watch this space!

When Myron and Micah wake up in the middle of the night before Christmas, they are met by a talking cat that leads them to an Enchanter’s house to retrieve a magical feather.

What they don’t know is that they are about to be launched on an adventure against an unstoppable foe: an adventure that will pit them against a Windle, witches and a warlock, and test their nerves in a final confrontation with the evil Boggart.

Read the first chapter here.