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I remembered being just sixteen, and kissing red-cheeked, fair-haired Callie Anders, who lived there, and whose family would soon move to the Shetlands, and I would never kiss her or see her again. This sentence just doesn't seem right to me. There are too many sub-clauses, the clauses don't seem to relate to each other... Continue Reading →


Catch of the Day: The Art of Editing

On my brand-new one-hour walk into work I have taken to occasionally listening to episodes from the Guardian Books podcast. The latest episode I have listened to is 'The Art of Editing' in which editors of various stripes discuss the changing face of editing in the publishing industry. You can listen to the podcast here.... Continue Reading →

Catch of the Day 25/8/16 The Mystery of Storytelling (TED Talks), Julian Friedmann An interesting talk from an agent, giving his view of storytelling theory (mostly applied to screenwriting, but I think a lot of the points can be applied to novels). The most interesting points (in my view): The relationship between storytelling and the chemical response in the brain.... Continue Reading →

Catch of the Day: 21/09/2012

Canadian Hiking Photography For those of you who haven't yet heard of Patrick Latter's fabulous site, this is your opportunity to experience some of the greatest photography you have ever seen. From studio shots to diaries of hikes and treks, Patrick's images manage to be at once technically impressive and hauntingly beautiful. I only just... Continue Reading →

Catch of the Day – 01/06/2012

One Hundred Thousand Words Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a fine purveyor of the curiosity known as 'flash fiction'. So-called not because it is fancy or has a tendency to give you red-eye, but because it is short-lived and has a startling impact. I've been getting Laura's posts through my email for a... Continue Reading →

Catch of the Day – 15/05/2012

Mike Foxx A wonderfully weird piece of meta-fiction about hallucinogenically-aided treasure hunters in LA. I can't say that much more about it, to be honest. Either this guy is having us all on, or it's one of the best stories I've stumbled across for a long time. The spiritual successor to Lost (not sure if... Continue Reading →

Catch of the Day – 12/05/2012

Catherine, Caffeinated This has just become my new all-time favourite blog (sorry the rest of you — I'll still have a special place for you in my heart, but let's be honest: this is epic). Catherine writes on all manner of writing-related subjects. My favourite are her (extensive) posts on the subject of self-publishing. She... Continue Reading →

Catch of the Day – 26/4/2012

I've been finding some interesting titbits scattered around WordPress, things that interest me or that chime with my views on writing. I'll try and post some up regularly under this new series. To begin: Plots for the 21st century. Some interesting thoughts on the importance of character (had some interesting experiences of my own with... Continue Reading →

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