About the Author

I currently live in Greenwich, London (UK) with my wife and three children, and I fit my writing around a full-time job supporting deaf students in a college.

I am currently in the midst of publishing my sci-fi drama series for young adult readers, The Shannen Academy, which is published with Endever Publishing Studios in the US. The first book in the series, Momentum, is due out later this year.

I have other books available on Amazon Kindle, mainly The Endless Circle high fantasy series for teen readers.

About the Writing

Like many writers, I’ve been writing books for as long as I can remember, jotting down ideas for stories and characters and running up several chapters before abandoning each project and moving on to the next.

I’ve only recently started to ‘get serious’ with the writing, particularly after securing a contract with my publisher in the US, Endever Publishing Studios. I hope to be able to release books fairly regularly now, so watch this space!


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    1. Thanks for the comment. I hope you enjoy what you read. Be sure to check back on Monday for Coals of Fire premier.

  1. I came across your blog and saw that you have the same name as my mum (in your initial form at least), so I had to stop by! Like what you are doing here. I love a good fantasy read!

    1. Brilliant! Your mum’s name isn’t Edwina, by any chance? That would be an odd coincidence, as my first name is Edwin. Strangely enough my middle name is a girl’s name — Allison. I think it’s an old family tradition.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I’ll have to swing by your place soon.

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