Exciting News – Endever Publishing Studios


So here it is: the news I’ve been itching to share and (part of) the reason why I’ve been so quiet lately. I’m pleased and proud to announce that I have officially joined the authors’ team over at Endever Publishing Studios, where we are working to get ‘The Singularity’ ready for publication sometime next year (all being well).

As you can imagine this is a huge deal for me – official publication is a huge deal for any writer striving to become an Author (and what is the deal with the two terms, anyway? Do you only get to become an Author once you’ve been published? By someone other than yourself?) – and an even huger deal because Endever is a truly exciting and unique development in the world of publishing.

Endever’s model is a collaborative, collective one: authors and editors work together as part of one studio to bring works to market. As I’ve only just joined I haven’t seen this in practice yet, but if you want a small taste then head over to the Studio blog, where you can sample the first releases in the Studio’s debut serial, ‘The Underneath’, an apocalyptic adventure with a strong thread of mystery. ‘The Underneath’ is being written collectively by the Studio’s stable of authors, and so far it looks pretty fantastic.

All of this means, of course, that I will be taking ‘The Singularity’ off the blog for a while so that it can be polished (read: pummelled) into shape ready for release. However, I will be updating you with progress towards publishing, and I’ll be posting further instalments in a few other stories as well.

And if you’re interested in working with Endever, why not pitch an idea? They are always on the lookout for unique and exciting stories, and yours could be the next they take on board …

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