Time Will Tell

A great post about diversity in fantasy. We need more people thinking like this within the genre – or any genre.

I know I’m guilty of not including enough proper female characters, and this is something I’m trying to put right.

How do you feel about diversity in fantasy, especially about disability? Do you feel all different groups could be represented better?

Guild Of Dreams

by Chantal Boudreau

I had a reader thank me the other day for including my gnomish character Cerissa June, or “Reeree” as she is better known, as a heroine in my Masters & Renegade fantasy series. “Finally, someone like me,” she said. “Someone my age – someone who thinks like I do.”

Cerissa June, you see, is a plump, middle-aged woman who prefers to think things through rather than act on impulse. She is intelligent and educated, having spent the better part of her life working as a schoolteacher, but she also has the experience and wisdom as a result of her advanced years, an advantage not shared by her younger wizard cohorts.

While you may see a grizzled veteran sidekick or mentor on occasion, the main characters in speculative fiction are rarely the very young, unless a story is intended for children, or older people. Perhaps because of a…

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