Nilenad Unetar – Chapter 3

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This post requires a little explanation, most of which can be read here. But for those of you who aren’t going to click the link, here’s a précis:

‘Nilenad Unetar’ translates as ‘The Tale of the First Days’ (or, if you really want it to, ‘Genesis’). It is the first part of a mythic cycle I wrote some time ago, along the lines of ‘The Silmarillion‘ by J.R.R. Tolkien, to provide historic depth to my invented world. The cycle itself is called ‘Vilu Nilenad’, which translates as ‘The Book of Tales’.

These stories have several forms:

1. From the oral tradition of the Aldunar (‘ancient ones’ akin to an elvish / Atlantean / Greco-Roman civilisation, with a near-mythic status in the time of Banac and Balor). This is the version I am posting here.

2. From the oral tradition of the men of Padascel. Not much of this is extant, and the more ancient passages are decidedly hazy on detail, although as a whole it more or less follows the ‘plot’ of the Aldunaic fable.

3. From the written tradition of the Iescian church. This would be the equivalent of our Biblical account, and gives a more grounded and less fantastic version of events.

The varying accounts mirror the varying creation myths of our own world, which share enough detail to point to a ‘reality’ upon which they were all based. What the reality is, I leave up to you.

Anyway, from these accounts you will notice some names which are familiar from ‘The Endless Circle’ (Cafan is one, as is Callach – Calac – galac (meaning wickedness or evil in practice)). Have fun spotting them!

And, as always, enjoy …

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Of the Fall and Exile of Callach

For a time the world was at peace, and all within it were content; but ever is it seen that the smallest spark can breed a whirlwind of fire should it fall upon the dry leaf in the midst of summer’s drought; thus it was with the heart of Callach. For Callach looked upon the goodness of Erun in the Spring of its beauty, and he saw that the words which he had spoken at the Doors of Heaven were come to pass, how that all the lands of Erun were fair surpassing measure and a delight to behold.

Yet the Firstborn of the Unorath remembered long the words which Eldë had spoken at the Doors of Heaven concerning the ruin of Erun and the Shadow that was to come; and they lay deep in his heart, and he was filled with fear because of them. For he looked out upon the fulness of Erun and saw how fair the land was to behold, and how glorious it had become through the works of his hands (yet it was not he that worked, but Eldë through him); and he was consumed by the thought of the Shadow, and desired not to see it come upon the Creation, though its coming had been spoken of by the mouth of Eldë. Then he departed from the Will of Eldë; and he fell away from his purposes, and began in secret to order the things of Erun in accordance with his own will, that the Shadow might be stayed. (But all things concerning the Shadow are written in the Golden Book, and cannot be un-written; therefore Callach worked in foolishness, and sinned.)

In time the jealous care of Callach grew, and the small spark of his pride and jealousy caught in his heart, and burned increasingly as the days passed away. Then he coveted the work of Eldë, and secretly desired it for himself, ordering all things according to his own pleasure whensoever he could, beholding the lands of Erun daily with a growing hunger. From Yar Nirith upon Dathrun he looked out northwards, eastwards, southwards and to the west; and it was in the West of Erun that his heart delighted the most, for it was far from the towers of Duinaeth in Nimlun: therefore the light of Eldë shone less brightly upon it, and Callach ordered all things there in accordance with the desires of his heart openly, and with little concealment.

And when ventured forth the Ilducarë into the west of Erun, to seek out habitations for themselves in the earth, in the trees and in the waters, Callach drew certain of them into his service, luring them with honeyed words. With him in these things were Orulas and Dágonath, yet of the wiles of Callach knew not the other of the Atanë any thing, for they dwelt in those days for the most part in Nimlun, and wandered not oft abroad, preferring rather to abide at the feet of Eldë in Duinaeth.

Then Callach compassed with sweet words those of his brethren who came into the West; and they were ensnared by his cunning devices, and believed the lies which came forth from his mouth, for he spake thus, saying:

“The words of Iorë that he spake to ye are a lie; for he did not create ye nor form ye from the substance of his will, as he has afore time instructed ye; neither did he form the things of Navrun alone. Nay, for in all these things did I also partake, being equal with he in every part and point; yet he seeks now to take from me that which I may lawfully call mine own, and confounds your minds with sweet words and cunning counsels. Ever was Iorë a deceiver, and a hater of truth; ever has he besought him means with which to seize my works and call them his own. Therefore I say unto ye: beware! The one who hath named himself Lord of All seeks to bind ye in slavery, and even now devises bonds and chains in secret by the which he may come upon ye suddenly and bind ye as the horse or the ox may be bound to the plough, to do his bidding unwillingly.”

Such words did Callach pour like scented oil upon the ears of the Ilducarë of the West, and they all with one accord believed him, being under the enchantment of his voice.

Then Callach left in secret Yar Nirith upon the peak of Dathrun, and journeyed West unto the westernmost arm of the Lúan Elinor, and there made his abode upon a high mountain beside the Sea; and he named the mountain Nan Eregar, for in deceiving his brethren Callach had deceived even himself, and believed the lies that he had devised in the dark places of his heart; therefore he bethought himself to be a Lord most high, and worthy of a kingdom to call his own, and designed to seize from Eldë all the lands of Erun to rule them as Lord and King.

Then in his pride he took for himself all the fields of the West, and named them Arlun, that is the Free Realm. Therein he declared Eldë a tyrant, oppressor of the Unorath, and spake many things unto the Ilducarë against his name.

Thus it was that the small spark of pride in the heart of Callach caught ablaze, and burned with a quickening flame until it consumed him in every part and point, and he fell in his heart from his high estate, and was no longer counted among the Children of Iorë. For Eldë sees all, and all things that are done, be they in heaven or earth, are before his eyes, and nothing may be done that is secret from him. He knew from the first of the Fall of Callach, for he had written of it in the Golden Book, and was saddened by it (yet it must come to pass, for all things are written according to the Will of Iorë, and who may question his thought?); and when it came to pass that Callach lifted himself above his appointed place, in that very hour Eldë knew of it, and rejected him from among his Children, he and all they that were with him, and they were no longer blessed, being given over to their own lusts.

But Eldë let them be awhile, and witheld his hand of judgement, and they were not judged openly in that time; for things as yet unfulfilled are written in the Golden Book concerning Callach, and the things that came to pass in those days were needful, though they were terrible to behold. Therefore the power and dark majesty of Callach waxed day by day, and the works of the Ilducarë of the East began to be confounded; and though they knew not what was come to pass in the West they were troubled in their hearts, for they perceived that the Shadow had come upon the Spring of Erun, and they strove with it daily.

But in all these things did Callach hide his hand, and made not plain his part in them; for he yet feared Eldë, and was loath to stand openly against him, knowing full well of all his power and might. For Callach, among all the Unorath, knew most of the mind of Eldë. (Yet still he fell and was cast away into pride, and sought to exalt himself above the highest. Let us take heed, therefore, lest in seeming zeal we serve the creature more than the creator, and turn the works of light into darkness through selfishness and the presumptuous spirit.)

For a time, therefore, Callach worked in secret only, though he forbare to come before the seat of Eldë in Duinaeth and spake unashamedly in his own lands that he had taken unto himself. But pride, like the fire that quickens and waxes upon the leaf and grass, cannot rein in the excesses of its burning, though all the waters of darkness and secrecy be poured upon it. Daily did Callach behold the vastness of Erun, and all the span of Ënyo also, and the stars and Moon, and the Sun that shone by day; and daily did his desire of it grow within him, so that he longed to hold it beneath his sway.

Then his heart was loosed from the cords that bound it hitherto, and his lust consumed him; and he took council together with Orulas and Dágonath in the secret halls of Nan Eregar, and there they devised war upon Eldë. A tower was raised upon the mountain, looking out in defiance against the East toward Nimlun, and in its topmost chamber was set a mighty throne, black and cruel, with a crown of steel over it.

Then the dread summons went out through all the West, the muster of servants of Callach to war, and many of the Ilducarë came at the sound of the brazen horn of Yar Gedhel, and drew nigh unto the feet of the mountain in obedience to Callach.

And Callach came to the topmost chamber, and stood before the Black Throne with Orulas on his left hand and Dágonath on his right, and looked out upon the might of his arm that lay before him: devils of darkness and fire spread out like sand in the vale below and numbering as the host of the stars. Then his heart exalted in strength, and he forgot all fear and shadow of a doubt; and he sat himself upon the throne, and named himself King of the Creation.

But vain are the imaginations of the evil, and the wicked one shall surely be brought low. For all this had Eldë seen in the East, looking from afar; he saw the rebellion and rise of Callach, and it strove against his Will as he sat and watched upon his throne. And as Callach sat himself upon the Black Throne of Yar Gedhel, even so was his Doom sealed in the courts of Duinaeth. For there is but one King in Erun, and his name is above every other name, that at the naming of it every kee should bow; nor shall any other take that right from him: for Eldë is King, and he alone.

Therefore Eldë arose in Duinaeth, and stretched out his hand towards the West, and commanded the Sea with a word. And behold: even as Callach raised himself openly against Eldë the waters rose in judgement against him, and Tolandor came, unloosed, against the sides of Nan Eregar as a mighty tempest, and burst upon all the lands of the dominion of Callach in a swelling flood. Great was the tremor that ran through the earth at the sound of the word of Eldë: by it were the mountains of the West cast down and drowned; and by it did the Encircling Sea rush in upon the dry land and cover it over with deep waters; and every thing that had breath in the fields of Arlun was destroyed, for it had come under the hand of Callach, and there was nothing that was left untainted by his sin.

In that same instant also did Yar Gedhel crumble and fall, and Callach was thrown suddenly down from his lofty heights. Through water he fell, and through fire, and was cast out into Ënyo with all his servants and devils, and Dágonath and Orulas were cast out with him also.

Then Gilaeth came upon them in the Void, sent of Eldë for to bind them fast; and in his hand was a sword of flame named Gilenad, the Tongue of Fire; and the burning of his shield was as the brightness of the Sun himself. And he pursued the host of Callach into the outer darkness, smiting Callach upon the back as he fled in terror from the judgement of Eldë.

Long did Gilaeth pursue them, hounding them through the vast reaches of night; until Callach drew a cloak of darkness about himself, and hid from Gilaeth, and departed from his servants into the cold darkness before the stars, and there abode a long while as an outcast from the glory of Erun. Then his servants fled away, those of the Ilducarë who were fallen into sin and treachery, and they scattered themselves far abroad before the wrath of Gilaeth; until, in time, they escaped him completely and he departed in sorrow for to return unto the Sun, and they were left alone in the shadowed Void to abide in darkness.

Thus was Callach judged by water and by fire (though he was not taken, and escaped the bonds prepared for him), for he was the first and greatest of all that sin within the circles of Navrun; thus was born the Shadow foretold by Eldë at the Doors of Heaven. For it was now seen by all that Callach was that Shadow, and the works of his hands in the Dawn of Erun were made plain; yet this knowledge came too late, for the world was already marred forever in his judgement, and never again shall it be perfect and whole until all things are accomplished that were written by the hand of Iorë.

And when at last the waters ceased to roar, and grew still in the West, Cafan raised himself up in Duinaeth and looked out thither, and beheld all the wide lands that were fallen into ruin because of the pride of Callach; and as he stood he sang a lament that has never again been sung in Erun. Of loss it spoke, and of the grief of the first Evil that has ever been; and it is said that of all songs this was the greatest, and never has there been its like in all the tale of years.

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