To Do List: 8/10/2012 – 13/10/2012

Now, I know my To Do lists have not been great so far — this is because I am a lazy so-and-so, and I can’t stick to targets for toffee.

However, I have achieved one target, the proof being the email I received last night. I include it in full here:

From: Harper Voyager
Subject: Thank you for your submission
Content: Your submission has been received! Due to the volume of submissions, we will not be able to respond to every one. Thank you for your interest!

As always, the submission itself is wildly anticlimactic. But it’s there, along with all the other 2,000 or so submissions they have received so far. To be frank, I’m going to put the whole thing out of my head. There’s no point fretting about things like submissions, as it’s in the hands of whatever kindly reader I get, so I might as well forget about it.

In other news, my first week of aiming for 1,400 words a day achieved a staggering 20% success rate. In other words, out of a target of 8,400 words I wrote a grand total of 1,737. To be fair this is because I only actually did any writing on two days out of six, so really my success rate is more like 62%.

None of which disguises the fact that I am nowhere near reaching my target.

So, To Do this week? Quite simply, to raise my success rate from 20% to 59-70%. Boo and hiss as much as you like, I am just limbering up for NaNoWriMo in November, so I see this as being progress.

And as a footnote, Joanne Phillips, how do you manage to claw towards 10,000 words every week?




2 thoughts on “To Do List: 8/10/2012 – 13/10/2012

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  1. Well, I don’t always do so well – I set myself 10,000 words as a target but I rarely reach it (I will this week, though – I’m already at 9,000 Yay!)

    Ordinarily, this would be a crazy target for a new novel – your word count is much better, and allows you time to reflect along the way. But I’m writing a sequel to Can’t Live Without, so I have all the characters fully formed, I have the entire plot mapped out, and it’s just a matter of writing the words on the page.

    And some weeks other stuff just gets in the way. Plus, it’s really hard to keep swapping ‘hats’ – one minute you’re being creative and writing, the next minute you put on your promotions hat, then your editing or book formatting hat. Self-publishing is hard, and the hardest part is finding time to write new books!

    Good luck with your submission, can’t wait to hear the news x

    1. Thanks — you may as well know that your organisation and drive are an inspiration to a klutz like me 🙂

      Have fun with the novel. We await it eagerly.

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