A Day in the Life 4

These are the times when my job really gets to me.

My 12.45 slot was a regular job supporting 2 Deaf students on an English course, but when I turned up I found out that neither of them are here today.


Now, normally this would be a source of jubilation. After all, I’m off early and my time is my own. I could go home! But foolishly (in hindsight, mark you — it was perfectly reasonable at the time) I had already agreed to support a student at the same college at 6.00 this evening.

Which means I now have just over four hours to kill.

In addition, I and my office team are pretty sure the student I’m due to support this evening won’t be coming in, as she was due in a 12.45 class and emailed to say she wasn’t coming.

But I’m not allowed to go home because the college co-ordinator says either there’s the off-chance she’ll turn up, or I might be needed to cover another class. Really this is just penny-pinching on the part of the college, who have paid our agency to provide a body (me), and so are determined to keep said body in the vicinity of the college for as long as possible.

This is a pretty common occurrence at the end of the summer term, mind you. Usually we don’t get that many classes cancelled — especially if there are more than 2 Deaf students to support, as one of them is bound to turn up even if the other is away — but after the summer exams everybody’s interest seems to dwindle. I was sat around for most of the day on Tuesday because of cancelled classes, and spent most of Wednesday afternoon sitting with a solitary student in the library.

Well, the college can’t chain me down to a uselessly idle afternoon, so in silent protest I’m off for a walk, to find somewhere to do some writing.

Welcome to my life.


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