Why I’ve Not Been Posting Much Lately

So …

I have been conspicuously absent around this blog for the past couple of weeks, and haven’t managed to look in on anyone else’s posts either.

I wish I could say this is because I’ve been hard at work writing; unfortunately, I can’t. The reasons are twofold:

1. We moved about a month ago, and the Internet in our new place doesn’t like WordPress, for some reason. We’re living with folks who have a firewall on their router which supposedly filters any undesirable websites, and the firewall has decided that some part of the back-end of WordPress is undesirable. Consequently, I can view blogs but not comment on them; I can (usually) post via the WordPress app, but not always; I can freely browse using the 3G on my iPad, but my monthly allowance ran out last week and will not renew until tomorrow; the list goes on …

2. When I updated WordPress with my new email address, I ceased to get emails about new posts on the blogs I follow. Now I’m pretty much cut off, unless I go through every site everyday and check out new posts (which I am not really willing to do — sorry!). I think our culture of automation has made me very lazy indeed.

So until tomorrow and the renewal of my 3G allowance I’m unable to check why my emails have stopped, nor am I able to post reliably. Don’t ask me to go into how I managed to get this one up.

I haven’t been writing much either, apart from translating all of Jason’s chapters to the first person present tense. I will get back to it soon, I promise. Then you will be able to buy a shiny new ecopy from Amazon, and the world will be as it should.

All of which begs the question: is technology really a help, or just a massive hindrance?

I leave it up to you …




One thought on “Why I’ve Not Been Posting Much Lately

Add yours

  1. I feel like technology can for the most part be helpful, but it loves to be a pain in the ass whenever it can. Hope you’re back soon though. 😀

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