Catch of the Day – 01/06/2012

One Hundred Thousand Words

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a fine purveyor of the curiosity known as ‘flash fiction’. So-called not because it is fancy or has a tendency to give you red-eye, but because it is short-lived and has a startling impact.

I’ve been getting Laura’s posts through my email for a while now, and so far every one of them has managed to convey a sharp image and provoke some thought.

These are snapshots of wider worlds. Some might say they should be expanded to full length novels — I say that would be the equivalent of saying a flower should be a forest, or a smooth pebble a mountain. Both forms have their merits, but the special beauty of (well-written) flash fiction is in its brevity and succinctness, and this should not be disturbed.

Please go and have a look, read and comment. You will not be disappointed.


2 thoughts on “Catch of the Day – 01/06/2012

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    1. Do 🙂 It’s awesome. And tell your friends. I’d like to flood Laura with visitors, and not just because she’s a fellow Brit. She’s a fine writer as well.

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