The Endless Circle Sale – Extension

Hi all,

Just a quick note today, as I haven’t had much time. I’ve extended my trial of The Endless Circle for free on KDP Select, until Saturday. If you didn’t pick up your free copy then, now’s your chance.

I’m working on some more ‘Lifting the Lid’ posts, trying to wrangle them into some semblance of order and making sure I’m saying something useful. More on this later.

Hope your enjoyed your eBrownies. If you’re in the UK, happy Jubilee. If you live elsewhere, don’t ask.

Take care all, and see you around!



5 thoughts on “The Endless Circle Sale – Extension

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  1. I don’t live in the UK but I do know what your talking about all the same. It’s a big deal and it actually made some American news (I believe it was in a magazine). Meanwhile gonna pick up your book 😀 soo excited :D.

    1. Wow! Made the news in the US? It must be big … 🙂 I’ve decided I like giving away books for free … At least SOMEONE’S reading them!

      1. Well if I’m correct in we’re talking about the Queens being Queen, what is it 60 years I believe for the Diamond that’s a HUGE deal. And yeah sometimes the best sales are free lool. Good luck to you though. I will probably read it in between writing my third book.

      2. Yes I forgot to say congratulations on making a start on number 3. Let us know how you’re getting on. Thinking of using Notability at all?

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