The Endless Circle – Some numbers

So here are the giveaway figures so far:

In the lead with 42 downloads … The Yanks! Well done guys. Good effort.

Trailing with 17, the Brits. Which is shameful, considering it’s night in the US. But it’s sunny here, so that’s something.

Germany are on 1 download, which is nice for them 🙂

France, Spain and Italy have all shunned me. Shame on them.

Anyway, I have a message for Great Britain: will you take this affrontery lying down? Where is the spirit of Churchill? Of 1066? Of King Arthur and his Knights?

Don’t let those Yankees beat you! Click that link, and get those numbers up!

The best nation will win bragging rights.

Keep downloading!


(P.S. downloads jumped to 47 in the time it took to post this. Not looking good for us …)


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