The Endless Circle Sale – My Goodnight

Well, it’s gone midnight here in Blighty and I am in sore need of sleep after moving my sister-in-law’s belongings to her new home.

Numbers at close of play this end are: – 105 downloads – 29 downloads – 1 downloads

But there are still nine hours of the sale left. Remember, folks, it’s a free eBook, so don’t turn up your noses! For those of you who missed the adventures of Banac and Balor, this is your chance to catch up. Download, rate, review, do what you will, but above all — enjoy!

If you don’t have a Kindle you can always download the Kindle Viewer (available on most platforms).

Not many clickthroughs from the blog, so I know my regular readers and followers are hanging back. Don’t be shy. Step forward, have a read, surprise yourself. No pressure to comment or review, just enjoy an entertaining read!

Goodnight, good afternoon, good morning.




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