The Versatile Blogger Award

Well, I’ve been nominated for my first award. Many thanks to A.J. Race at Cult of Racewood for his kind nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award — A.J’s a stand-up guy, and his blog (and book) well deserves a read.

I would like to nominate the following for the award, for their always-versatile services to the blogging community (in no particular order):

  1. The Fantasy Author’s Handbook – Philip Athans is always insightful and helpful when it comes to the subject of fantasy and sci-fi literature.
  2. Mike Foxx – For being just plain odd, intriguing and entertaining. This one is going places.
  3. Deaf Umbrella – For highlighting issues within the Deaf community in the UK. The more readers they get, the more they will post, so please visit and say hi.
  4. 400 Days ’til 40 – Inspiring and varied. The definition of versatile.
  5. Word Waves – For never saying the same thing twice (and for featuring awesome pictures of Clint Eastwood).
  6. Upside Down Cloud – Awesome poetry and writing – evokes images with breathtaking clarity.
  7. Joanne Phillips – She is making waves in the blogging community with her self-published chick-lit novel, ‘Can’t Live Without’.
  8. Soldier’s Joy – Also the title of the novel David McLemore has written, about the end of the Civil War in America (I have to be specific because I’m a Brit, and we had our own Civil War, thank you very much). The novel is brilliant; I encourage you to read his blog then buy the book. You will not regret it.
  9. D. Thomas Minton – A traditionally-published author who writes excellent sci-fi and chronicles his thoughts on the writing and submitting process.
  10. Abominations – Now with 35% more ephemera!
  11. Manipal’s Photo Blog – Great images every day – a very popular blog, but how popular is popular enough?
  12. Last Train to QVille – Restful. In a word. My retreat when things get too crazy in my head.
  13. Free Your Pen – Everyone needs to free their pen; Jes Davidson is the man to help you do it. Advice on writing in every which direction.
  14. House of Thoth – L.A. Edwards suffers from Progressive Bulbar Palsy, and writes supernatural thrillers. Read up on the condition, and read the book – it’s not bad.
  15. These Immortal Words – A new discovery of mine – but a prolific blogger on all manner of subjects, and one I shall be reading with interest.

Phew. 15 nominations. That’s actually quite a lot. But I’m glad to be able to send some views in these guys’ directions. So please visit and read them, and see what you think. They all come recommended!

Now to the serious business.

7 Things About Me

  1. I am a born-again Christian, worshipping at the Metropolitan Tabernacle in London.
  2. I work as a Communication Support Worker with Deaf people in colleges.
  3. I am in training to become a Registered Sign Language Interpreter.
  4. I like to go into bookshops and look at books for an hour, but I will rarely buy anything. I spend much of the time trying not to look like a shoplifter.
  5. I have a 1-year-old little girl called Lily. She’s the best thing ever. As I write this she’s handing me her clothes.
  6. I am a Macoholic (when I can afford to be), and I now do most of my writing on my iPad, in Pages.
  7. I am a raging pedant. I say this because I have just realised that Macoholic is the wrong construction. It should be something like  ‘Macintoshic’, as the condition is Macism, or Machintoshism (from alcoholism, which is just ‘alcohol’ with the suffix ‘-ism’ – so why do people insist on using the ‘-ohol’ of ‘alcohol’ when constructing a word that means someone is dependent on something for their fulfilment and happiness? Grumble, grumble, mutter, whine …). You see what I mean.

There you go. Seven not-very-interesting facts about me, but I hope they shed some light on who I am and what I do, and what makes me tick.

This has been a blast. More ‘Endles Circle’ to come in due course.


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