So here’s the plan …

In light of that fact that we will soon be getting to the end of The Endless Circle (ignore the contradiction there), I consider it prudent to outline what will happen once it is over.

I will be continuing with Lifting the Lid, giving the benefit of my experience in writing to anyone who cares to listen.

I will continue posting chapters from The Christmas Cat, a story for younger readers.

I will continue with Catch of the Day and other random gleanings from the Internet.

I will begin to post chapters from Coals of Fire, the sequel to The Endless Circle. Now … You should know that Coals of Fire is not finished. It is nowhere near finished. But I am going to try sharing a work-in-progress, partly for your enjoyment and partly to give myself a weekly deadline to finish each chapter. In this way the book will get finished (the first draft at least) before Christmas, which would be a nice goal.

If I haven’t finished the week’s chapter I will post up whatever I do have, and the next week I will post the completed chapter (or whatever else I’ve done, which will give me some kind of accountability). I hope you enjoy it, and bear with any dreadful mistakes.

Coals of Fire will be released as three short ebooks, part of an experiment I’m trying out. The first book will be free, and the other two will be around the £0.99 or £1.99 mark. Each will be roughly 10-15 chapters or so. Let’s see how it goes, shall we?

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