New Developments

Ok, so I’ve been lax. Hands up. I’m sorry.

The good news is that while I’ve been neglecting the blog I’ve been a busy beaver in other respects. The end result is that ‘The Endless Circle’ is now available as a Kindle eBook on Amazon, ‘The Christmas Cat’ will soon be coming out in the same format, and I have a new book on the go.

The new book has the (tentative) working title of ‘Coals of Fire’, and is the spiritual (and, in some ways, actual) sequel to ‘The Endless Circle’. The one caveat I will mention is that it does not feature Banac and Balor. I’ve reserved their reappearance for another book.

The bonus is that we will get to meet new characters and develop the world of Erun in new and exciting ways.

By way of an experiment I will be posting regularly on the development of ‘Coals of Fire’. I may even post some samples here for later comparison.

Anyway, please check out ‘The Books’, the new page I have added to the site. I’ll be thinking of other stuff that can go here soon.

Take care all, and as always … enjoy.


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